Byron Banasiak



This is a film about nothing really that profound. It isn't saying anything that hasn't already been said. It is a collection of moments I had the honor of experiencing over six months of traveling. I think putting all these tiny glimpses of life together is as close of a way to show what it was like to be on the road. Shot on the Sony a7iii in Morocco, Spain, and Portugal Music: Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta (Nostalgia)
During the middle of winter, I drove to Minneapolis and took a one-way ticket to Marrakech. That was the beginning of an insane trip around one of the most unique countries i've ever visited. Every day was filled with new food and experiences. I stayed in the country for one month and then took a ferry over to Spain. It was when i was in Spain when i really realized how crazy Morocco was. All shot with the Sony A7iii and the DJI Mavic Pro Music:
I've spent half of the last two years traveling around the world. I have visited over 20 countries in that time and have tried to document most of what i see from the sky. This video is to show a slight glimpse of what else the world has to offer outside of the US.

In late 2017, I took a plane to Bangkok and traveled around Southeast Asia for three months. During those months, I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This is a short film about the amazing adventure Asia took me on.

In early December, me and some friends I met on a bus to Cat Ba Island rented a boat to explore Halong Bay, Vietnam.

This is a short video of my journey into Laos from Thailand via a slow boat. I met a handful of friends that I will remember for a lifetime. I saw amazing landscapes and experienced rural life in the middle of Southeast Asia. The ride was a highlight of my trip and that is why there is a you can see a glimpse of my memories on the Mekong.

During my time in Europe, I spent several months traveling around former Yugoslavia, now called the Balkans. I went to four of the countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. I ending up working at a hostel when I was in Zagreb and spent over a month in the city where I met some of my best friends on my entire trip. My other films are usually of scenery and cities...but this one I want to be about the people. Because, at the end of the day, when you're back at home, people are what you remember the most.

All shot in one day during a day-trip to Bled from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It rained all day until 5pm when the sun finally made its way through the clutter of clouds and Slovenian Alps. My travel friends I met in Ljubljana and I also discovered The Vintgar Gorge later in the day, which was breathtaking. The water was so clear and cold you could of drank it right there.

Right before heading off to Asia, I spent a few weeks traveling into the heart of Romania. I started in Timisoara and made my way to Brasov, in Transilvania.

Here's a video I filmed this summer of Mexico City. The city has a very intense and lively feel to it. Every part of it goes to its own beat. The smells, music, and visuals blend together and make something very unique and special.